Redding RC & Hobby

Where the Fun Begins

Welcome to Redding RC & Hobby!
We have a couple customers a week walk into our store and stop and say "Wow, a real hobby shop" Yes, it is cluttered, disorganized and sometimes looks like total chaos but we are a working hobby shop. We care more about our customers and their projects than we care whether the floor got cleaned, or someone opened a box to see if their stuff came in, and left their coffee when they found it. We have several customers that come back every year from around the world because they say we are one of the last real hobby shops left in the world.
We Specialize in building and
Flying RC Airplanes, (electric, nitro, gas, gliders), Jets, (electric ducted fan, gas turbine)and hobby grade Quadcopters. Beginner to racing drones. Even a few helicopters still. We have room to test smaller planes and drones out back.
We also deal in RC Cars, Trucks, and Crawlers (electric & nitro).  We have on-site tracks, rough terrain and crawler runs right now. Also RC boats.
We have a decent Model Rocket Kit selection and parts department for design and repairs of rockets. And we seasonally keep rocket engines available.
Our Plastic Model Department has several hundred models available at any given time. Many are out of production models so there is quite a variety. We are one of the only stores left in town that carries the enamel Testors model paints at below market prices, not OVER retail.
And special orders are not a problem for the models or the paints.
Trains, we do have a small train department, mostly HO, some N. The scenery products, along with many wood products from the building department, and the plastics from the modeling department can be very helpful in dioramas, school projects and gaming table scenes.
Building Supplies: Woods, metals, plastics, small hardware, fiberglass clothe, carbon fiber tubing.
We have a few other nastalic things like kites, marbles, yo-yo's, wind-up balsa airplanes.
Shop & soldering services, RC Mechanical Repairs and RC Motor Tuning available. While we prefer to teach these skills so that you can do them for yourself, enjoy the hobby and save money, we do provide them for a fee.

We joke: If We don't have it you don't need it.
7400 hwy 273 redding ca